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Welcome to our site for STUDENTS and INTENDING STUDENTS!
Are you....
  • Thinking about taking up tertiary study or training?
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This site has important information about tertiary education providers, qualifications and courses that might help you make decisions about tertiary education.
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Please note that information on tertiary education providers, courses and qualifications is subject to change - be sure to confirm details with the education provider concerned before making any decisions.
Tertiary study and training is any form of learning after secondary school. There are a number of ways you can study and train in New Zealand:
There are many tertiary providers in New Zealand and it is important to choose one that best suits your needs. As well as thinking about what courses and qualifications they offer, you might like to consider things like location, accommodation, course costs and your style of learning. To help you with your decision making, here’s a list of the types of tertiary providers you can find on this site. Click here to search for a tertiary education provider or check out the Tertiary Education Commission website to find out more about other study and training options such as:
Courses, qualifications and levels
A course is a unit of study encompassing teaching, learning, research and/or assessment. Papers, unit standards and modules are examples of different types of courses. A course or collection of courses forms a programme of study which, if completed successfully, results in the award of a qualification.
A qualification is awarded to students when they have successfully completed a programme of study, which has been quality assured by a recognised quality assurance agency. You can find out more about qualifications from the NZQA website.
There are a number of qualification levels. The level you start at depends on the study and training you have completed either at school or post school. The entry criteria vary from qualification to qualification and these may determine which one you choose. The different qualifications are:
There are lots of different subject areas to choose from, and your choices may depend on what you studied at school, your interests or your proposed career path. If you’d like to find out more about what other people have been choosing to study, check out our page on New Zealand qualification completions by subject.
*This information is primarily sourced from Careers NZ website
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